Camp Bisco

Camp Bisco
July 13-15, 2017Montage MountainScranton, PA
Countdown to Camp Bisco 2017

Parking & RVs

Parking & RVs

Onsite Parking for Camping

Onsite Parking for Camping
$30-75 +applicable fees, while supplies last

If you are a camper and you want to park onsite in the closest lot to the camping area you can purchase an ONSITE PARKING FOR CAMPING pass. This pass is not required but is offered as a convenience for fans who would like to park closer to the campgrounds.

Camping parking is scaled to encourage carpooling. We love carpooling. We hate traffic. We have significantly more parking spots allotted to those Bisco fans traveling with 3 people or more in a car, so get your squad ready and roll up together.

These passes will sell out in advance. To enter the lot, you will need the pre-purchased ONSITE PARKING FOR CAMPING Pass & your festival pass. 1 pass per vehicle & 1 festival pass per person. ONSITE PARKING FOR CAMPING is not car side camping, it is just a reserved parking spot close to the campground.

If you arrive with less people than the parking pass is allotted you will be charged the difference + a $10 penalty. (ex: if you purchased a 4 person pass for $ 30 and you show up alone in your car, you will be charged the $45 difference + $10 penalty).

Campers will still be able to camp if they do not have a parking pass. These campers will have to park in a close by off-site lot and then take a shuttle up with their gear to the camping area.

Once your car is parked, you will not be allowed reentry to the lot. If you choose to leave and return, you will have to park in the offsite lot.

$30 for 4 or more people (+applicable fees, while supplies last)
$40 for 3 people (+applicable fees, while supplies last)
$50 for 2 people (+applicable fees, while supplies last)
$75 for 1 person (+applicable fees, while supplies last)

RV Parking Pass

Roll our way, your way! Magic happens in the RV area and it’s awesome to experience Bisco on wheels with all the amenities of home. We only have a limited number of spaces, so get yours today!

RV parking is not located with general Camping. You must purchase an RV pass to be guaranteed a space for your RV. There are no hookups.

Note: Make sure you bring everything you need! If you have to leave for any reason, your RV will not be able to re-enter the Festival.

Very limited RV Passes are available for purchase for $300 per RV, oversized vehicle such as a bus, trailer, towed trailer, etc. – all vehicles that are larger than a 15-passenger van.

Each person in the RV will need to purchase a Camping Bundle. You will need to present your RV hang tag to be able to reach the RV parking area. RV’s are subject to search.

Wastewater removal will be available for a fee. No plug-ins will be available. No companion vehicles (including motorcycles) will be permitted in the RV Lot due to space limitations. Tow vehicles must also fit within your RV space. Amenities such as awnings, grills and furniture must fit within allotted space.

RV spaces will be sized according to RV Class A, B or C with maximum space being 20 x 45.

VIP Parking Passes

VIP Parking Passes for Camping and VIP Day Parking are available upon request with the purchase of a VIP Pass.

Offsite Parking

All day-parking & parking for campers who do not have an onsite parking pass will be at nearby off-site lots. Patrons will be shuttled to the gate on a continuous shuttle service.

Shuttles will run non-stop from Wednesday at 10:00pm through Sunday at noon.

If you are camping and did not purchase an onsite camping parking pass, you will need to park in the off-site parking lots. For your convenience, we will provide coach & school buses – with proper storage area for your camping gear – to take you from the offsite lot to the festival site. We are excited to announce that we will continue to mailing wristbands in advance and increase staffing so fans will see a more streamlined check-in. Please remember to be patient as during peak times, there will be delays.

ADA Parking

Onsite ADA Parking is available with the purchase of an Onsite Parking for Camping pass or with your VIP Parking requests. If Onsite Parking for Camping is sold out, all ADA fans will park in ADA parking areas in offsite lots & take an ADA shuttle to the venue doors. To access the ADA parking areas, identification will be checked to ensure legitimate use. The person whom the ADA placard or plate is issued to must be present in the vehicle as a driver or a passenger.