Camp Bisco

Camp Bisco
July 12-14, 2018Montage MountainScranton, PA
Countdown to Camp Bisco 2018

Clean Vibes

We’re making a commitment, along with our attendees, to keep our festival grounds beautiful through recycling and waste reduction programs. We are excited to welcome back Clean Vibes , the trash & recycling experts, who will be helping keep Montage Mountain clean.

No secret here, the fans make the program a success. Please pay attention where recycling and waste are placed Please be sure to pick up all trash at or around your campsite and bag it up at the end of the weekend. Please respect our temporary home!

When the music stops at the end of the weekend, be sure to take some time to clean up your campsite. Bag up all of your recycling and trash in separate bags. Do a quick sweep of the ground to pick up any cigarette butts and bottle caps from the grass. Finally, tie off your full bags of waste and bring them to the edge of any road in the campground for curbside pickup.

Please help CLEAN VIBES cultivate cleanliness and ensure that we as a community reduce the size of the ecological footprint we leave behind at Montage Mountain. Let’s take the phrase “leave only footprints” one step further to make sure the footprints we leave are as small as possible.

Clean Vibes is still looking for volunteers to help with the cleanup effort. For more info & to sign up, CLICK HERE